Contes de Fait "The Red Robins" 

ToneSlinger Recording Studio has gone global!! The Contes de Fait "The Red Robins" are in the studio from France. They are a hot awesome duo! We have also recorded people from around the world.  Here are some pics with many more to come. If you watched or attended The Nashville Cowboy Church yesterday, then you know what a blessing they are when they sing. Last year they walked in that door as strangers and left as family.  

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Find What Works for you when (My Mix Doesn’t Sound Right?)  

There are two paths to resolving mix conundrums.  Before attempting either, walk out of the sanctuary for five minutes so your ears can re-boot. 

  • Isolate 

Check the channels- The mix may not sound right because of a single channel or multiple channels.  Mute a channel, listen for impact, and then un-mute and move to the next channel.  If the problem is related to a single channel, this method will identify it. 
Kill group and board-wide Effects Gates, compressors and other effects can be applied to groups or a board-wide mix.  Turn off these features one at a time.  Listen to the mix difference. 
Look for conflict - Look for cross-channel conflict.  A mixing rule of thumb is each instrument / vocal should own their defining frequencies.  Two channels should not be competing for the same defining frequencies.  I have inadvertently boosted the same frequency area in two different instruments.  It wasn’t until reviewing the changes that I realized my bone-headed mistake. 

  • Rebuild it from scratch 

Turn off effects; reverbs, compressors, gates, etc.  Re-set channel EQ’s.  Push faders to unity and check all channel gains.  Think clean slate.  Balance the channels so instruments and vocals sit in the right spaces. Clean up channels; notch out those offending frequencies. From here, use YOUR standard mixing process.  For example, add in gating before setting channel EQ’s.  Or, set the channel EQ’s and then use gating.  Use your standard process. 

Sometimes a mix doesn’t come together.  The problem can be a single mis-mixed channel, conflicting channels, group or board-wide problems, or a foundational mixing mistake.  Isolate the potential problem area and listen for a dramatic difference.  Once the area is identified, work on a solution.  If that doesn’t work, rebuild the mix.  Just make sure to first reset your ears by spending five minutes outside the sanctuary, this cannot be emphasized enough.

What is Copyright? 

The following are 7 basics laws of Copyright  

1. Know the scope of copyright law. It does protect literary works, paintings, photographs, drawings, films, music, lyrics, sculptures and many other things. Except in literary fiction, it does not protect the underlying ideas, and it does not protect facts.  

2. A symbol is not needed © to be copyrighted. Almost everything on the Internet, and everywhere else, is copyrighted, by default. It is also not necessary for copyright in a work to be registered; this simply makes it easier to be compensated in court. Without an explicit dedication to the public domain, assume that it is still under copyright. There is a quirk in the United States’ implementation of the Berne Convention: works first published before 1978 without a copyright notice may be public domain in the United States.  

3. There is a difference between copyrights, trademarks, and other forms of “intellectual property.” The term “intellectual property” itself, and the kind of thinking it encourages, has led to these very different things being confused with each other. Trademarks forbid using certain words, marks, symbols, and so on within certain contexts, to protect consumers from misrepresentation.  

4. One does not get a copyright without some creativity. You cannot scan a photograph from a magazine and then put it on the Internet; the copyright would still reside with the author of the work. The flip-side of this is that scanning a work which is in the public domain would not, in many jurisdictions, give you the copyright over the resulting scan. This does not generate a new copyright. This would be a derivative work of the video or computer program.  
5. Know the public domain laws for your jurisdiction. “Public domain” is short-hand for “uncopyrighted”, not “publicly distributed”. A work can be out of copyright due to age, by the nature of authorship, or other reasons.  

6. Understand what “fair use” is, and what it isn’t. Called “fair dealing” in many jurisdictions, fair use is simply a guarantee that copyright laws do not infringe freedom of speech and make critical commentary impossible. Fair use is an extremely complex body of case law; it is often very difficult for non-lawyers to tell in advance whether or not a certain use will be considered fair use in court. If in doubt, seek permission first.  

7. The law about derivative works as pertains to fiction. It was said above that “ideas cannot be copyrighted.” This is not entirely true; fictional characters, story-lines, and settings can be copyrighted. This means that fan-fiction, drawings of characters from copyrighted works, and so on are all technically copyright infringements. Sometimes copyright holders turn a blind eye to this sort of thing, but unless it has been explicitly authorized, don’t count on this being the case.

Benefits of Audio Studio Recording  

Recording your music in a professional audio studio has become more and more redundant as home set ups gain in power and musicians learn the art of music production. But, there is something that audio studios offer which many musicians tend to overlook. Knowing in advance that you will be recording in a professional audio studio with a paid producer forces you to be ready. Musicians who produce their own music from home tend to overwork their music and produce a higher number of lower quality songs. In short, an audio studio promotes discipline when recording music. 

You should use a professional wherever possible. Producing music is deceptive in that you can get a fairly good result by using standard audio technology, but the step up from “good” to "professional" takes years to master. The audio mixing makes a song “work”. It is the specific skills that an audio producer brings that can make your song shine. An audio recording will last forever so it's worth visiting a professional audio studio when you think you have a great song. If you are looking for an audio studio and want to work with professional producers, why not see why thousands of musicians have used Toneslinger studios. 

Gigging in NASHVILLE, TN 

Nashville, like any major music Metropolis, attracts talented people by the masses. They literally flock to this place in droves. This creates a supply and demand problem that works against the musicians. Knowing and understanding this is crucial. Ultimately, the only way in is by slowly nurturing relationships that will lead to opportunities. The best place to build these relationships is in the nightclubs around town. The key to gigging in Nashville is relationships. It’s hard to force friendships and relationships to happen, they need to naturally evolve. You need to regularly put yourself in different kinds of situations where this can happen. It just takes time, persistence, and patience. Most importantly, be a good person. Of course being proficient on your axe will help to. 

There is no guarantee that this approach will allow you to achieve the kind of success you envision. But for that matter, there are no guarantees in the music business, or life in general. So just suck it up, be in it for the long haul, and get out there and start pounding the pavement. Be friendly and outgoing and put your best foot forward. Talk to people. Take an interest in their careers and lives. Try to find some common ground and build relationships with players that you relate to. If you have already tried this and haven’t yielded much results, try harder. That’s what it takes to get started in Nashville. Tonslinger can help you with this please call us for more information.

Top Holiday Special in Nashville, TN  

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Happy Holidays from Toneslinger

Album Artwork Nashville, TN  

When done well, an album cover allows you to take one form of art and reinterpret it as another form which is visual. This is why Its so important to make your album covers really spectacular. Use something catchy, something that means a lot to the band or really harnesses the vibe that the artist/band is trying to convey. It may just end up being the thing that draws listeners in to the music; it’s a lot quicker to get attracted by a cool logo or album cover than it is to listen to an entire song/album. Use visual stimulation to your advantage, rope in the listeners, catch their attention and force them to want to hear what you have to say.

5 tips that wll get you off to a good start

1. Hire a professional photographer and graphic designer
2. Make sure your art is unique to the feeling of the sound that you have created
4. Take a look at successful albums and do something different but keep those in mind
5. Make the title either the best song or a feeling that captures the album as a whole

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