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When done well, an album cover allows you to take one form of art and reinterpret it as another form which is visual. This is why Its so important to make your album covers really spectacular. Use something catchy, something that means a lot to the band or really harnesses the vibe that the artist/band is trying to convey. It may just end up being the thing that draws listeners in to the music; it’s a lot quicker to get attracted by a cool logo or album cover than it is to listen to an entire song/album. Use visual stimulation to your advantage, rope in the listeners, catch their attention and force them to want to hear what you have to say.

5 tips that wll get you off to a good start

1. Hire a professional photographer and graphic designer
2. Make sure your art is unique to the feeling of the sound that you have created
4. Take a look at successful albums and do something different but keep those in mind
5. Make the title either the best song or a feeling that captures the album as a whole

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