Top Holiday Special in Nashville, TN

Are you an independent artist that takes your musical career seriously?  Do you want to portray your compositions in the most professional manner? Toneslinger Recording Studios is bringing you the best money saving deal, rates, and specials in Nashville, TN. Here at Toneslinger we have state of the art recording & mixing laboratory that caters specifically to your needs!  We are currently running recording & mixing specials 

We understand that recording can be very expensive. That's why we are doing our best to lighten the load this Christmas season. We are recording at a much lower prices than before. We know that each person is an individual, and has their own needs when recording. That's why all the prices are individualized. Please give us a call and reserve your time to record.  (615) 840-8935, or contact us on Facebook. 

Happy Holidays from Toneslinger

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