Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I bring my family with me?
A: Yes, We have an area in the control room for friends and loved ones to hear and watch the process of your recording project from start to finish. We Also have a small kitchen and eating areas, and our waiting area is furnished with two sofas and a television. 

Q: How long would my project take to complete? 
A: Typically on a 10 song album it would take 4 to 5 days to complete. 

Q: What players do I get? 
A: We talk and decide what style of music you want to record. Whether its traditional or modern country, Bluegrass, Gospel, rock, etc.. We use specific players for each style of music and find the right session players to give you the absolute best recording.  

Q: What is the process? 
A: On day 1: we would track with all of the main session players at once live. We talk about how you want the song to sound, put all of our ideas and thoughts together, play the song and then record it with your "scratch vocals". 

On Day 2: We track overdubs if need be. If you were to have fiddle or background vocals we would accomplish this now. We have an arsenal of amazing singers that we offer for background vocals.  

On Day 3: We track your "keeper vocals". We take as much time as you need to get your vocals recorded. We will lay down the track and have you then listen in the control room for your approval. 

On Day 4-5: This is where the magic begins. The Engineer will start mixing your project getting the levels to where they need to be and have you listen to them. After this step we will master them and burn them onto a disk for you. We will provide with a master with vocals as well as a master without vocals that you can use for backing tracks to use live if you do not have a band or your band may not be able to perform with you at any given time. 

Q: Can I record with my band? 
A: Yes, you can record with your band. However, with that said we do offer world class professional session players however that are use to recording in the studio with efficient precision on executing songs within a timely manner. Some artist will record with session players and have their band learn from this for live performances. 

Q: Are you near the airport? 
A: Yes, we are about 10 minutes from the airport. We are also the closest studio to the airport. 

Q: Are there Hotels nearby? 
A: Yes, there are very nice hotels in walking distance to the studio. Studios in downtown aren't always nice or have hotels you would feel comfortable staying. Plus you may need to pay to park at their studios. We are in a safe neighborhood and offer free parking for your car or tour bus.